Private Home Price Decline

private home price decline

Home price decline in both HDB and Private

Prices in both HDB & Private decline at a slower pace last year. But despite the fall, sale volume has rose in both sectors with HDB 19,306 resale deal last year up from 17,318 deals in 2014. Private home also rose from 9.9 percent in 2014 to 14,117 deals recorded last year in both primary and secondary market. 

Private home prices fell 0.5 percent in fourth quarter, with a full year decline to 3.7 per cent. With this figure, some buyer have re-entered the private market as prices do not seem to be coming down despite the cooling measure. However, Christine Li, a director and research head of Cushman & Wakefield said that if prices falling less than 5 per cent, there is no reason to tweak the cooling measure from the government point of view.